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Volume 7

Date of Publication 27-6-2022

This issue deals with the most common old-age disease, Diabetes and its impact on bones and joints.

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Ortho-Times Vol 2

Publication : 24/11/2021


Ortho-Times Vol 1

Publication: 02/11/2021

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Ortho-Times Vol 3

Publication 23/12/2021

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Ortho-Times Vol 4

Publication: 24.02.2022


Volume 5 : 14.03.2022

This months ortho-times deals with common posture mistakes and how to fix them.

This fix will greatly affect the well being of the readers.

We at Ortho-Care always strives for the betterment of our patients.


Volume 6

Date of Publication 27-4-2022

Heat this summer is too prickly and intolerable. As an orthopedic surgeon, we at Ortho-Care are more concerned with your Bone health.

Hence this month we are dealing with Bone Heath during summer time.